The Gathering - 2016 - Scarlet Records

The Gathering
Circus of the Freaks
Phantom Manor
The Tomb
The Graveyard
The Dove Has Died
Smash Your Idols
Skeleton's Swing

The Gathering

Congregate filii tenebrarum
impius ritus incepturus est

Circus of the Freaks

Hi my dear,
I’m the preface to your fears
Look, I’m short
And my name is

Hi, Im a freak

Gabba gabba gabba gabba gabba gabba gabba gabba
We accept you all
We accept you all
Circus of the Freaks
Circus of the Freaks

Let me introduce you to my friends
Josephine Joseph and Pinhead
Bow yourself to the king, Johnny Eck
Say hello to the prince, Snake Man

Phantom Manor

6 a.m in the morning
The world is so gloomy
I lay in my warm bed
Just petrified
A dance of shadows I see
They tear my mind
Pieces of sanity

Fall from the sky

While the light is yawning
I feel mesmerized
By those dancing entities in front of my eyes
I feel the touch of Death on my neck
They’re moaning words I don’t understand

There is a fog in the air
I feel a pain that’s insane
I am the fog in the air
Tamer, lord of your scares
I am the fog in the air
The damned souls I gather, I gather, I gather
We are the fog in the air
You don’t understand
My friend, you’ve died

Oh, the phantom manor is not alone
He gathers all the damned souls

Hidden in the ancient library
I find a diary
Edward Thanatos
“I see the ghouls…”
Enjoy your reading poor little scum young man
I lived in suffer, you’ll soon understand
I was an error for my parent
‘cause I can see the ghosts

Edward Thanatos is the Phantom Manor
And I am his damned soul


I protect the world
I protect the Gods
El by my side
Mot, oh you snide

I bow to you oh you cruel God
Mot nod to me
Here is my soul

Call me Baal
To cry you shall
Anat, revenge me at dawn
Call me Baal

Spread among the worms
I rise, Mot you squirm
I am a dying God
and of the deads I’m the patron

I nod to you oh you cruel God
Mot, look at me
I am your wound


Shadowland, day 9
I keep to write about the bride,
A mother of moonkind
I have search
Since dawn of mankind
Man has to hide at night

Curse of the moon
Corpses every month
Lie in the woods
bited and pulped
An endless hunt
The theets that blunt
She howl at night
You point the sight

Her breathing behind your dirty neck
The Wolfgirl is coming to infect

Shadowland, day 12
I keep to delve into the shelves
I’ve found a spell, I’ve found a damn
Cast by a witch against a madam
“Oh sweetheart, sweet gem
You killed the wolf that ate your lambs
So I curse you
To realize how poor we are
Without some fight
Inbreed the innocents
Biting the blood vessels
Look at the beast you are
An hairy wolfmoon madam
Remember rotten heart”

I look at night to see the light
Of the moon, my enemy
I feel thrill, I feel ill
My nails are growing fast
Time for the beast
I feel the rage


Midnight is falling on the sea
The fog arises, we can barely feel
the world around us is enchanted
Gloomy, wicked and slanted
Shivers set free as we approach
To the Leviathan’s curse

Apsu defeated by Ea
Leviathan, protect the Mother
Su-ma la zuk-ku-ru si-ma-tu la si-na-ma

Oh mother Tiamat
When the clouds defeat the stars
When the moon gives birth to dark
Primordial chaos pollutes the earth

Mother, give them war
Generate demons such as the Gods
Gather them to the war Marduk started before
Silent soldiers in a row
Waiting for the call

The Tomb

The wind is singing lullabyes
Outside the mausoleum I lie
A light arises from the grave
Jervas is, is written upon the tomb

The rusty gates of the mausoleum
are staring me tonight

Sanatorium awaits
I see coffins open wide
I’ve died before I realize it
A requiem for my eternal sleep
into the tomb

The Graveyard

We live our lifes thinking about the death
What a nonsense
We born in death crying for the end
Life is decadence
We, the designers of our fates
We abdicate
And we donate our souls to a fear
Thet we’ve created

A salty sea falling from a sky
Entrapped in a face that won’t smile
Who is dead? Who is alive?
The match point is

In the Graveyard
Embrace your faith
Lay in the silence
Of the Graveyard
Vault of your soul
Buried down below
In the Graveyard

All walking deads walking haunched
Approaching graves
Crying for an end that won’t escape
So bury yourself!
If you die once it won’t be so bad
To die for Her sentence
You don’t realize we live together, alives and deads?

The Dove Has Died

My magnificent knights
It’s finally arrived
it’s the last peaceful night
for the ungrateful light

Wings are broken and burned
Once we were badly spurned
Condamned, hated and unturned

And when the feathers fly
It turns all black the sky
I watch my troops so pride
The dove has died

“On the side night I’m ready now to arise with my mighty wings.
In the precints of light, whose fault? whose but God own?”

Smash Your Idols

Rise, bloodbath
Die, sickness
Pride, golden
Crime, scarlet

The serum of thee
Pours up as to flee
Wishes to spread his wings
Cut your rusty strings

Relax your values
Smash your idols
Beat the worm
From above you’ll see

Crush, ashes
Blaze, over
Love yourself
World empty

“Watch them clamber these swift monkeys. They clamber over one another, and thus drag one another into the mud and the depht. They all want to get the throne that is their madness, as if happiness sat on the throne. Mad they all appear to me, clambering monkeys, and overardent foul smells their idol, foul they smell to me, alltoghether these idolators”.

Skeleton's Swing

What a strange omen shattering my mind
I’ve just heard a voice hell-like
“Memento mori, you have to die”
All I know is that I’m gonna freak out
It’s not funny, I’m gonna blow out
“Everything comes to an end, just watch and start to dance”

Take your hat and take your stick
Get rid of that putrid meat
Get ready to celebrate your new life
Into the grave

Dancing bones are coming towards me
I’m paralyzed and they’re all smiling
“Shake your ass, embrace the death, the night is our until day break”
A compelling need appears to me
I need to dance, I need to swing
“Poor boy, get used to that, the night is our until day break”

Rise From The Grave - 2014 - Danse Macabre Records

Queen of Necrophilia
Bow To The Porcelain Altar
Flamenco de la muerte
Devil’s thane
Death Challenge
Step Into The Mist


I feel sick
that cold breeze
is hurting me
Black old trees
around me
are scaring me
The night is queen
mistery things
are moving
with that evil wind
State of fear
is driving me
to insanity

Bourning clouds gravely sounds
I see shadows that lay over me

Damn my feet
are sinking
in the smoking
marshy ground
A floating light
is shining
through the underground
Doubtful consequences
causing grief of
black misfortune
big black wings
of an owl
approach to me

Queen of Necrophilia

Your body looks so good
it’s even hot and cold
and you can’t stop my will
you’ll stand forever still
You’ve said me no in life
I own you when you died
I violate your meat
and on your face I’ll sit

Perversion which leads
morbid bent for the corpses
I’ll give you the last
one taste of my love
My lust for death
no I cannot control
I’m waiting another
a no-living soul

Because of my love for the deads
six feet under I grab
someone calls me someone calls me
queen of necrophilia
I’m not the undertaker you’ve met
I’m something you can’t understand
someone calls me someone calls me
queen of necrophilia

The idea just makes me bright
it’s simple to fuck the alives
Is better when are dead
but you can’t understand
I exhume you in the night
in my face I’ve print a smile
Like a baby with a new doll
with my mind in your soil I fall

Bow To The Porcelain Altar

Bow to the porcelain altar
The White Rabbit has mindfucked you
Bow to the porcelain altar
And give to the Devil his due

Give to the Devil his due
I wish I hadn’t cried so much
diggin for apples indeed
and yet what a dear little puppy it was
the great question certainly was what?
Who are you?
What do you mean by that?
That is not an answer,
that is not an answer

Twinkle twinkle little bat
How I wonder what you’re at
up above the world you fly
like a tea tray in the sky
Will you? Won’t you?
Will you? Won’t you?
Will you join the dance?
Will you join the dance?


Middle Atlantic Ocean
Nearby the Azores Islands
That cursed artifact
Lays in the hold again
Water and food are low
We’ll die of starvation
Maybe the ratts are good
We surely have to try them

I can’t breathe right now
that thing pulls me down
Octopus has me
Panic has begun!

Something blows hard the ship
I hear it from the depth
A scream breaks the silence
Where is Jack Woodleg?
Another scream and then
Someone falls out the ship
Everyone takes the rifle
Then silence lays upon us


Hi my name is Tod
30 years ago
blood and death were meant to be my job
Now I’m a ghost
I was the most
motherfucker killer of the west coast
Killed by a cop
In my workshop
My horror house that now has been spotted
They found my corpses
eaten by the worms
and all the pics of me fucking a dwarf

He’s a psycho
He’s a ghost

I, I miss my job
I miss your blood
I miss the bitches screaming out loud
So I’ve decided
To come back in life
To keep on slaughtering your pitiful guys
I’ve sacrified
My afterlife
Making haunting an art let it shine
If you will die
Your agony
Will coincide with my name KILLERGEIST

Flamenco de la muerte

Come in the dancefloor
come don’t need to fight
dance for the Death
this is your last time

A dismal macabre dance
my hand you will take
a rose between his jaws
and don’t be afraid

por favor baila con migo
por favor

come take my hand
dance among the grave
don’t make any penitence
die proud of your life


Eight legs for eight eyes
watching you searching the light
hidden in dust without any sound
waiting the whisper to attack you behind

Poison that runs in my veins
venom burns under my skin
it dazed false dreams in my head
The sting wasted my neck
It seems like it is making me mad

Silent scream in the night
the heart stops for a while
your eyes are tourning white
is not worth the sight

The soldier of Death
scamps now at your back
waiting for spider’s revenge
you think it’s so useless
he wants make you see
all the paths of your insanity

A web in your mind
you can’t escape
it runs in the cellar
to bite you again
they rise from the stairs
and that is the end
you feel the pain walking
on your stucked head

Devil’s thane

Humanity is so strange
when they could have revenge
they appeal to their patience
and they don’t take the chance
Put louses on Barbie’s combs
spit on an evil lamb
squeeze all the rotten pimples
of all this useless wisdom

you will live only one time
why don’t you spend it fine?

Put off beliefs and faiths
it’s time to be more brave
to be the devil’s thane

Give reasons to your life
Buy dreams and then deny
Revenge all your regrets
Play rock and then have sex
Disguise as a coward priest
Then steal the crucifix
Build up your pleasure dome
And pulp the holy one

Death Challenge

You bumbkin your time has come
but I give you a chance
to redeem your doom
so wanna play the game?
You have to find
someone who keeps alive your green business
and to till the fields you have sowed year after year
after year

now you’ve lost the match
with the Death
ah ah ah ah ah
no one would till
your blank garden

so you have returned
but I see empty hands
you weren’t able
to find a dirty soul
you are alone,
who wants to take your place?
Who wants to save your life
that’s arid and barren?
You’re dead

Step Into The Mist

There’s a voice inside your head
makes you alive makes you mad
all the wisemen looked for
understand her and her love

Most of them died in a madhouse
pushed in by those who knows
how to act how to perform.
Are you alive or just a corpse?

Take a breath find yourself
I will give you all my meds
Free your mind feel the Beast
Just one step into the mist

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